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Most people who are lnjured in a car accident want to be able to calculate their injury damages. An auto accident injury attorney will have the skills and legal background to calculate the value of your claim. The evaluation normally takes less than 5 minutes and can provide with a good estimate of the value of your claim.

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An Injury Attorney Will Consider...

The numbers are part of a valuation model, which generates an estimate of the value. You can get started now, online, but a real local lawyer needs to review the information you submit in order to finalize the calculation of the estimated amount of your compensation. The claim evaluation is free to you. And an estimate of the value of your case can give you some valuable direction how to move forward.

  • The amount of your medical expenses and the type of treatment you had

  • The amount of your lost wages

  • Who was at fault for your injury

  • How serious and permanent your injuries are.

Auto Accident Claims & the Law

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents are the most common type of personal injury claims. These claims are typically based on the theory of negligence. In most vehicle accidents, the injured party, the plaintiff, must establish the negligence of the defendant in order to seek damages. Furthermore, the plaintiff must show that the defendant’s negligence caused the accident and the injuries.

1000's of people are lnjured in accidents every day and many have serious lnjuries that deserve compensation. Insurance companies know this and they try to settle claims quickly for as little as possible. Understanding the value of your claim can help you avoid settling for too little. Legal representation is the best way to protect yourself.

Common Vehicle Accident Injuries

  • Whiplash lnjuries

  • Spinal cord lnjuries

  • Concussions and Brain injuries

  • Fatal accidents

  • Wrongful death

Types of Vehicle Accidents

  • Rear-end collisions

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Car and SUV accidents

  • Pedestrians

  • Head-on collisions

  • Drunk drivers

  • Passengers

  • 18-wheeler trucking accidents

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If You Suffer an lnjury?

Your health and safety is first and foremost so, first, make sure you do not have any life threatening injuries. Check the condition of anyone else involved in the accident. Assuming your condition is stable, contact the authorities immediately. Make sure the get the name and contact information of any witnesses at the scene of the accident. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible, even if you believe your injuries are minor. When seeking medical treatment, describe in detail any and all symptoms you are experiencing, no matter how minor. Insist on receiving any and all diagnostic tests to make sure all of your injuries have been properly diagnosed. Do not make any statements to any insurance company until after you speak with a lawyer. Keep regular and specific notes about any impact the accident and your injuries have had on your life. Make sure to attend all doctors and therapy appointments. And, remember to give your attorney time to get the best settlement or verdict for you. The legal process does not move quickly.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Personal injury lawyers almost always work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only get after they have secured a settlement or jury verdict for you. They also almost always advance all of the costs of pursuing the Defendant, including the cost of depositions, court reports and expert witnesses. In other words, you pay nothing unless they win. They invest heavily in the success of your case, so your attorney will be highly motivated to maximize your recovery.

How Can lnjured.org Help Me?

We help injured victims find a qualified local personal injury lawyer to evaluate your claim. Finding the right personal injury attorney can be difficult and time consuming. We not only help you find out the value of your case, but we also save you time and stress while seeking qualified legal assistance. Get legal help now. Start with a completely free, no obligation, and confidential consultation.

Were you lnjured by another party?

We help those who have been injured by the negligent acts of another person orbusiness

Did you lose a loved one?

We help people who have lost a family member in an accident that was someone else’s fault.

Are you or a family member in pain or suffering?

We help the families who are suffering due to a serious personal lnjury.

How many different people will be handling my case? How many people will I have to speak to?

Depending on your personal preferences, you may feel that you only want to speak with one or two people, rather than speaking with a different staff person every time. Make sure to ask questions that will tell you if you are going to have the type of experience that is comfortable for you.

Have you handled other cases similar to my case?

Ask your attorney what other cases the firm has handled that are similar to your case. Make sure the attorney provides specific examples of cases and the types of results that he or she secured for the client. Past results are certainly not a guarantee that your case will result in the same award, but being aware of the types of cases the attorney has handled will give you a good idea of whether the attorney has the experience to get you a good result if your case warrants it.

How many verdicts have you obtained at trial and how many case have you settled?

If an attorney has been practicing for 15 years and has had only 2 trials but settled 100 cases, that may be an indication that the attorney doesn’t prepare cases for trial to maximize their value. A strong trail attorney who isn’t afraid to take the insurance company to the mat will likely add value to your case because the insurance company knows the attorney has a track record of taking cases to trial. In fact, any attorney with a strong trial record will often have a greater chance of settling a case for maximum value prior to trial since the insurance company may want to avoid the cost of trial and the risk of an unfavorable verdict against them.

Do you exclusively handle personal lnjury cases or do you work on all types of legal matters?

Hiring someone who spends all of their time on auto accident and other personal lnjury claims can provide you with the best level of expertise and maximize the value of your case.

How much do your services cost?

When it comes to auto accident claims and other personal lnjury cases, most lawyers work on a contingency

How much is my case worth?

While the attorney may have to collect more information, like wage information and medical bills, most attorneys can give you a range of what your case is worth or give you an idea of what other cases like yours have yielded in the past.

How often should I receive updates about the progress of my case?

Personal lnjury cases often move slowly because of factors beyond the lawyer’s control. The speed at which a case moves often depends on the court system and how many cases are on the docket. That said, your attorney should provide you with an update on a fairly regular basis and let you know the next time he or she expects progress on your case. You should also feel comfortable asking your attorney for a reference from another client and ask that client, how good the attorney is at communicating.